5th Sunday after Epiphany Mark 1:29-39

“Jesus replied ‘Let us go somewhere else- to the nearby villages- so I can preach there also. That is why I have come'” – Mark 1:38

This week has been tough, for those of you who have been following along you know I lost someone close to me recently. Well, life doesn’t stop for grief, and this past week my Grandmother was admitted to the hospital with heart and lung problems. So the trite cliche is ever so true here… when it rains it pours.

However, Jesus was no stranger to the outpouring of problems. People sought him out to heal their illnesses, drive out demons, and to learn anything they could from his teaching. In this passage he heals the mother-in-law of Simon, as well as many more people who showed up at the door for his healing touch.

Its no surprise that in the morning the disciples couldn’t find him, because he had gone to pray alone. The phrase “you can’t pour from an empty cup” has become widely used in the conversation surrounding self-care. In fact, self-care has become a hot topic in our society as of late. I’m not talking about getting massages, or taking long hot baths (although that sounds great), I’m talking about actually making sure you are taking care of yourself.

Are you eating foods that fuel your body? Are you making sure your muscles get used instead of atrophy? Has your mind been engaged with a good book or intellectual conversation? Do you have time to check in with your soul, or talk to someone about your spiritual life? Unfortunately for many of us the answer is no.

For those of us who are caretakers, of small children or those of us in sandwich generations who care for small children and adults in our lives, we often don’t take time for self-care. We tell ourselves the needs of others come before our own, and in some cases that’s true. I’m not going to read my book while my baby cries in his crib, but I can turn off the tv later in the day and read it while he plays. I’m not going to skip hospital visits to make sure I eat right, but I can make better choices before I leave the house instead of stoping for fast food.

Jesus took time alone, to fill up his own cup before he poured out blessings on other people. Find your time. Carve it out wherever you can get it, and fill up with whatever you need, so you can pour out to others in your life.