Lectionary for the Baptism of the Lord- Psalm 29

Psalm 29:8

“The Voice of the Lord shakes the desert, the lord shakes the Desert of Kadesh.”

Sometimes I wish I could hear God’s voice. A real audible voice that would just tell me what to do. Then I remember that I’m pretty stubborn and I’d probably just argue with the voice and sometimes, perhaps, put my fingers in my ear and just turn away, like the petulant child I’ve been known to be.

Then I read Psalm 29 and I think about the voice of the Lord. The psalmist tells us its “powerful, majestic, breaks the cedars of Lebanon, strikes with flashes of lightening, shakes the desert, and twists the oaks, and strips the forests bare.”

Wow. What a voice. I can barely get my kids to clean up their rooms with my voice, and the voice of the Lord strips the forests bare. Its lines like that in scripture that make me rethink the whole idea of wanting to hear the voice of God.

Then I think about God speaking at Jesus’ baptism. Jesus comes up from the water and a voice says “This is my Son, whom I love, with him I am well pleased” (Matthew 3:17)

This is my child.

Whom I love.

With them I am well pleased.

Who doesn’t want to hear that voice? Who among us doesn’t want to hear our heavenly parent say “I love you, and you make me happy”. I think that voice, saying those words, would have me all shook up, just like the deserts of Kadesh.

So go out this week and remember you are loved by the one whose love matters more than anything in the world. And do things that are pleasing to your creator, and listen for the voice of God.