Why Weeds and Nerf Darts?

I have a box of Nerf guns by my front door. No kidding. We had to move the love seat over to accommodate the overflowing amount of Nerf guns, Rebelle crossbows and the box full of darts. The box has become the ubiquitous part of my life, as have the darts I run over with the lawn mower.

For those of you who might wonder why I have a box of Nerf products by my front door, I think introductions are in order. My name is Sara, and I am a single newly married!! Galyon 20

mom of two boys:

All decked out
All decked out

AJ (11) and CW (6), I’m in my early thirties, and I am the Director of Youth Ministries for a Methodist Church in West Tennessee. As I was walking a fellow youth director across my lawn I apologized for my giant shade trees causing my lawn to be nothing but weeds and Nerf darts, and she commented that should be the name of my blog, and here we are!

I have a Bachelors of Arts in Spanish and International Agricultural Economics (I know its a mouthful) and am currently perusing my Masters of Arts in Youth Ministry through the Center for Youth Ministry Training www.cymt.org . Their website includes information about my program as well as great articles relating to youth ministry.

I love teenagers, especially Jr High students, and many have remarked that I’m crazy for doing so and maybe they’re right. But do you remember Jr High? My middle school experience was far from fabulous, and the people who loved me through it were extremely influential in my life. I love the craziness, spontaneity, and energy Jr High students bring to youth ministry. I also love watching them grow into themselves in high school and go on out into the world. I have a maximum amount of seven years of influence on student’s lives, and I intend to make the most of it.

So with this blog I intend to share what I’ve learned as a parent, a youth minister, and human being. Enjoy!